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The best-selling CNC Router Machine for high precision milling

The BIGZEE CNC routers are specifically optimized for 2D and 3D milling, cutting, drilling, and engraving. The large worktop makes the machine ideal for milling panels. No matter if you want to mill, cut, or engrave the material, the machine is popular for its precision during each working process.

Cutting-Edge CNC Routers: Where Precision Meets Productivity

There are many tools available today with the help of technology. CNC routers in Dubai are versatile tools that are used for cutting, carving, engraving, and milling several materials like metal, wood, plastic, and composites. They are well known for their exceptional precision.

Features of CNC Routers

  1. Incredible precision
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Highly efficient performance
  4. Durability
  5. Reliability
  6. Scalability

They are the ideal choice for businesses and manufacturers aiming to accomplish top-notch results. So, revolutionize your production with exceptional precision with CNC router machines




Cabinet Making

Cabinet making is one of our most popular applications. Affordable, dependable BIGZEE CNC routers make manufacturing of doors, countertops, shelves, drawers and drawer fronts possible for small, mid-size and large shops alike.

Sign Making

Monotech, one of the leading CNC router machine suppliers in UAE offers BIGZEE CNC routers that are used in sign making to carve signs in wood, plastic, bronze, aluminium, foam, and other materials.

Furniture Making

Furniture making is a highly popular application with BIGZEE CNC routers. Equipped with routing, boring, grooving, planning, and sanding tools, our CNC routers are capable of simultaneous movements on parabolic planes using multiple heads and automatic tool changers.

Architectural Millwork

A BIGZEE CNC router machine coupled with easy-to-use software can closely imitate the artisan’s skills recognized in moldings, arches, carvings, corbels, as well as in columns. BIGZEE routers offer an Indexing Lathe that shapes those complicated 3D carvings on cylindrical parts easily.

Wood Carving

Woodworking is widely viewed as a hands-on craft, but CNC technology can achieve the quality and repeatability of the cuts. From finely crafted furniture to gifts, a CNC router can help you to make anything possible.

Aluminum Machining

Though CNC routers are generally used with wood and plastic products, a CNC machine can also be used to cut aluminum. The possibilities are infinite with a BIGZEE CNC router.

Plastic Sheet Machining

CAMaster CNC machines are used in a number of plastic cutting and machining operations. If you are a manufacturer of plastic engineering components, vacuum molds, liners, or inserts, a BIGZEE CNC router will give you both economical and reliable performance.

Prototyping & Modeling

BIGZEE CNC routers are a great way to create prototypes with the help of aluminium, foam, wood, and plastics. Using a BIGZEE CNC router and the right software, it becomes easy and seamless to reverse engineer a 2D or 3D model. Thereby, you can effectively and efficiently create prototypes and reproductive parts.

Musical Instruments

A BIGZEE CNC machine’s ability to produce parts with unsurpassed repeatability and accuracy is key to producing various types of musical instruments. Using a BIGZEE CNC router, you can create tailor-made instruments for your customers or that fit your brand.

Exhibits/Trade shows

BIGZEE CNC routers are ideal for companies and individuals looking to create custom-designed work for exhibits and trade shows using a variety of materials including wood, glass, vinyl, acrylic, and aluminum.

The advantages of using CNC routers BIGZEE

Reduced Waste Work

As a result of the computerized operation, CNC routers eliminate waste work caused by human error, producing thousands of identical pieces without producing a single waste piece.

Large Cutting Field
There are a few table sizes which you can choose for different purposes. Large CNC routers can produce large details with ease.

Flawless Repeatability
Controlled by computers, CNC routers are capable of producing hundreds or thousands of pieces that are exactly the same.

Easy operation

The computer-controlled router’s operation is based primarily on computer training. This allows operators to attain expertise in a few months.

Less Dangerous to Workers

CNC routing removes the router operator from the direct domain of the router’s cutting procedures, creating a safer work process.

Increased Production Capacity

By producing a few waste pieces and operating with top-notch efficiency, industrial CNC routers can revolutionize production capacity

At Monotech, CNC router machine price in UAE is affordable and accessible to a wide range of industries. So, gear up to elevate your workmanship with high-precision CNC router machines!






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