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3.2 M Dual Ink Direct to Fabric printer

The power of two, FABJET-DUO is an Indian-made direct to textile printing machine designed after recognizing the need in the market for a printer that can work simultaneously with different inks and fabrics. This revolutionary printer is an avant-garde 3.2 meters wide format fabric printer offering the ‘Power of Two’ in one machine for printing home textiles. As the name suggests, this printer has a dual ink supply system which gives one the freedom to choose between any two of the three inks; Reactive, Disperse, and Pigment and thus by just a flick of a switch, the printer becomes a reactive or pigment or disperse printing machine. This Indian made direct to textile printing machine achieves speedy and brilliant results at minimized costs.


  • FABJET-DUO comes with a unique feature of choosing any two inks at the same time, out of the three inks- Disperse, Reactive, and Pigment.
  • This makes it first-ever Indian textile printing machine that runs with dual inks. The brilliance of FABJET-DUO, our wide format fabric printer can be measured through its ability to double your profit and ROI. This is a transforming machine that meets designer home textile needs with ease.
  • This versatile Indian made direct to textile printing machine gives you the freedom to choose between a variety of fabrics and inks, thus opening endless avenues for your business.
  • This brilliant wide format fabric printer gives high-quality prints at a super speed in just a one-step process. With FABJET-DUO, produce vivid and sharp images at low running costs with reduced consumption of ink.
  • Smooth gradations and no limitations on colors make this machine a perfect solution for numerous applications. FABJET-DUO is equipped with 8 industrial grade jetting assemblies for long service life.
  • Its fabric feed and take-up system maintains fabric tension from start to finish and makes sure of the smooth movement of the fabric.
  • This fabulous direct to fabric machine has an inbuilt infrared dryer for quick drying of printed ink on the fabric. It comes with a 2.5-liter ink tank for long ink refilling cycles. This Indian made direct to textile printing machine has inbuilt filters for keeping out impurities or larger particles from the print head.

The Brilliance of Fabjet Duo

This machine helps to double your profit and ROI. This is a transforming machine that meets designer home textiles needs. This is a first ever Indian machine that runs with dual inks. This versatile printer gives you freedom to choose between variety of fabrics and inks. This printer opens endless avenues for business. This is a 3.2 mtr wide machine.

Choose Any Two Links

Disperse Ink, Reactive Ink,Pigment Ink.



FABJET-DUO is the go-to machine for a variety of applications. Although it can print on a wide variety of textile, it is mostly used for printing home furnishing products, like cushion covers, table covers, bed covers, sofa covers, bed sheets, curtains, wall & floor coverings, and many more interior designing products. It is suitable for a number of indoor and outdoor applications including fashion and apparel. With FABJET-DUO, you can weave magic with unique patterns and designs. It is a perfect fit for sampling and customizing designs. It is capable of printing any design on various materials, like Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Polyamide, Silk, Wool, and various other blended and non-blended fabrics.

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