Grand Format Direct to Fabric Printer

FABJET GRAND is the perfect solution to print directly on various types of fabric for short-run and customized designs printing for home furnishing businesses like bedsheets. It is an excellent wide-format fabric printer for mass production of home furnishing textiles FABJET GRAND prints consistently on cotton and polyester-based fabrics used in home furnishings. It uses environmental-friendly aqueous-based pigment inks.


Specially Developed AVC

Proprietory AIVC technology for consistent print performance by maintaining constant Jetting conditions even in varying environmental conditions

Feed System

Automated feed and take up system synchronised with tension bars for unattended long printruns on various types of fabric.

Automatic Print Head Strike Detection

Senses headstrike during printing and warns operator. Minimises downtime and media wastage.

Print Head Redundancy(Dual Head)

In unlikely event of print failure, continues operation on a single print head till maintanance. Dramatically minimizes downtime

Media Tension Control System

Pneumatics control-based tension-bar on media feed and take up, to ensure consistent tension on fabric. Automatically adjusts, based on type of fabric being used.


Automatic wiping system which wipes excess ink and dust from the print head surface.

Industrial Grade Jetting Assembly

Superior print-head durability ensures longer lifespan. Consistent print quality across the entire machine lifespan. Consistent performance even with varying viscosity. Low maintainance, easy to handle, less operational wastage.


Equipped with advance color management engine and color processing tools. Faster processing of files saves time, increases productivity. User-friendly and easy to use color controls to manage colors. Advanced dither patterns for photo-realistic output. Fully customized printer setting for enhanced print results. Smoother gradations, vibrant colors for superior print quality. Inbuilt ICC profiles for various media and print modes.



Non-polluting aqueous based pigment inks Wider color gamut of inks for vibrant color prints High density colors for higher coverage per liter. Fast drying. Optimized for best performance and longevity of print heads.

Capping Station

Prevents inks from drying inside the print head when printer is not in use for long time; also protects head from dust which might cause damage to print head

Head Height Adjustment

Helps accommodate upto 10 mm thickness; can be changed during printing itself, if needed

Variable Drop Technology

Uses 3 dot types to produce smoother gradations, vivid colors and sharp images; maintains details in mid tone areas




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