JWEI S-Cutter

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Top level digital cutting system

01/ EtherCAT: EhterCAT motion controller Max. 2G acceleration & Max. 1800mm/s speed.

02/ 0-gap gear & rack transmission system: Min. 1mm diameter cutting ability.

03/ Ultra high strength frame: Carbon steel body welded, stronger frame for top cutting performance.

04/ Top imported servo system: Up to 9 imported high-end level servo motors.

05/ Precision reducer: 3 arc minutes high precision reducer, ensure top performance of milling ability.


High end level for industrial production
Powerful 1800W router tool ensures top performance of milling ability.

Large format cutting system
Up to 3.2m width, table length can be customized.

Detachable table
Detachable table allows easy dissasembly for device transportation and setup.

Top Performance Servo Motor
Max. 1G acceleration & max. 1200 mm/s speed with precission up to 0.05mm.

DMC motion controller
Min. 3mm diameter cutting precision.


Greater cutting accuracy, especially for small shapes such as small circles.

Table upgrade and increased vacuum suction.

Integrated cable routing, full head protection.

For types of corrugated paper, cardboard, gray cardboard
For the kiss cut on thin multilayer materials
It can cut UV fabric, carbon fiber, glass fiber and fabrics
For bevel cuts at 0, 15, 22.5, 30, 45 degrees and materials up to 20 mm thick
Tool for soft materials up to 5mm thick, such as cardboard.
For cutting foam boards up to 50 mm thick.
Fold a variety of materials. Directional pressure regulation for creasing with or against corrugation.
  Model No.TB09-2516-RM
  Multifunctional head  Oscillating knife, offset knife, rotary knife,snip knife, cursor, drawing, automatic feeding
  Safety device  Infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable
  moving speed  Up to 1800 mm/s
  Cutting speed  Up to 1500 mm/s(Depends on different materials)
  Cutting thickness  Up to 50mm(Depends on different materials)
  Cutting material  UV material, outdoor printing fabric, light sheet, gridding cloth, flag fabric, stickers, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, corrugated paper,     honey comb board etc.
  Servo precisiony  +/-0.01mm
  Repeat precision  +/-0.05mm
  Buffer memory  2GB
  Interface  Ethernet port
  Material fixing meathod  Vacuum adsorption
  Work command  HP-GL compliant format
  Transmission system  Servo driver, high precise gear
  Numerical control panel  EN LED Touch screen
  Power Supply  AC 380V+/-10% / 16KW
  Working Environment  Temperature 0-35 degree; Humidity 60% – 80%
  Effective Cutting Area2500 x 1600 mm
  Machine Size(mm)3370 x 2380 x 1310 mm

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