JWEI – BK03II-2516-RM Digital Carpet/Mat Cutting Tables

JWEI – BK03II-2516-RM Digital Carpet/Mat Cutting Tables
Brand: JWEI
Type: Cutting machine
Factory: Zhejiang,China
JWEI BK03II-2516-RM digital cutting tables manages to meet cutting requirements by presenting a reliable, cost-effective and high-quality solution and helps global manufacturers and providers secure their market-leading position in gasket, polyester fiber,composite, automotive interior industry


  • Optimized speed and accuracy

Renowned for its high speed and precision, the high fre- quacy oscillating knife tool presents an efficient cutting capability across a variety of different materials.

  • Roll material feeding frame

Capable of delivering smooth cutting process via using the roll material feeding frame that avoids the falling of roll material

  • Lower labor cost

Support to be connected with several remote computers. which ensures man-machine separate operation, and results In labor-saving greatly.

  • Customized machine size

A suitable machine size is customized for your production workflow based on your need.

  • Compatibility with widely-used format file

The powerful high compatibility allows for easy and flexible connection to widely-used DXF, HPGL format, to better simplify and accelerate the production process

  • Cut material cost

The solution creates the perfect effect of cutting 10mm thickness sponge composite leather, eradicates material waste caused by human error.