Vinyl Cutter

Each vinyl cutter delivers precise tracking capabilities, superior cutting speeds, unrivaled cutting forces, reliable performance, and innovative features. Vinyl cutters are a perfect solution for entry-level to professional users and also an ideal stage for a broad range of applications across a number of industries, covering the sign, advertisement, textile, vehicle fields, and so forth.

GCC Expert II Vinyl Cutter: High-speed cutting, precision force, and 3-meter tracking for eye-catching graphics.
GCC RX II Vinyl Cutter: New series with multiple sizes, including 61cm, 101cm, 132cm, and 183cm, designed for higher blade pressure.
GCC – Expert II Vinyl Cutter

Expert II produces eye-catching graphics with up to 27.8 ips (25 ips for EX-52 models ) cutting speed, up to 350 gram of cutting force and guaranteed 3 meter tracking.

GCC- RX II Vinyl Cutter

The brand new RX II series of cutting plotters is available in four sizes, 61cm, 101cm, 132cm, and 183cm, which are among the best models for higher blade pressure.


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