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The latest innovation in the field of Textile Printers is Digital Textile Printer. Digital Fabric Printers are compact, offer a lucrative Total Cost of Ownership, gives the option of millions of colours to choose from, and the possibility of unique design, every time. It is able to meet short-runs, faster turnaround, and higher standards of quality – giving customers the flexibility to bring ideas faster to the market.

FABJET-DUO: Indian-made direct-to-textile printing machine designed for simultaneous printing with different inks and fabrics.
FABJET GRAND: A versatile direct-to-fabric printing solution for short-run and customized designs.
Colorjet – FABJET-DUO

The power of two, FABJET-DUO is an Indian-made direct to textile printing machine designed after recognizing the need in the market for a printer that can work simultaneously with different inks and fabrics.


FABJET GRAND is the perfect solution to print directly on various types of fabric for short-run and customized designs printing for home furnishing businesses like bedsheets.

From Pixels to Patterns: How Textile Printers Reshape Fabric Landscape

The textile industry is an evergreen business that has a huge demand across the globe. In particular, printing on materials is fascinating any day. Complex designs, printed over a range of fabrics are executed with ease in this digital world. One such technology is textile printing.

If you look back a few decades ago, fabric design and printing processes were complex and time-consuming as well. But today, with the introduction of the best digital textile printing machine, it opens up a wide range of new possibilities for designers. Interior designers and decorators are benefiting from the versatility of digital textile printers in UAE.

The textile industry in Dubai has witnessed significant growth and transformation over the years. No wonder it has become a hub for various industries, including textiles.
Fabric Diversity and Performance: Key Factors in Textile Printer Scene

Textile printing involves wall-mounted banners, flags, upholstery, uniforms, and many more. It is a broad subject that covers multiple aspects in branches. Every printer is categorized based on the requirement. It is the nature of the business that determines the printer model.

Here are the key factors that you should know when it comes to textile printers in Dubai
· Advanced technology
· Creating custom designs
· Speed and efficiency
· Durability
· Performance
· Compatibility with different fabrics
· Cost-effectiveness

These key factors should be taken into consideration to meet the demands of Dubai’s market. Textile printers should offer the latest advancements in inkjet technology, color accuracy, and precision to cater to the diverse needs of designers, manufacturers, and interior decorators.

How do Digital Textile Printers add value to the business?

Digital textile prints, introduced as an alternative to screen printing, have evolved a lot. When the traditional textile print industry was accustomed to mass production–with long runs, the digital inkjet produced short-run non-textile products. Material and design determine the printing process. Every single stage involves investment.
Digital textile printers are compact. Complex designs were able to get executed in a range of colours within a stipulated time and were considered lucrative. Also, getting the best quality in various designs to the needs are some of the reasons for producers to consider digital textile printers as an alternative.

Material Determines the Ink

Any ink may not suit all the cloth. Although pigment ink works on all fabrics, reactive ink works best on cotton and cotton blended fabrics. Likewise, dispersed ink works best on polyester-based fabric and acid ink for silk fabrics. Sublimation ink works best on 100% polyester.
There are plenty of sub-categories of fabrics under cotton, polyester, silk, and so on. Monotech digital textile printers are designed to produce every single material in a wide range of colours with superior quality.

About Monotech

Monotech, a pioneer in the printing and instrument Trading business, deals with a range of textile printers in Dubai market and supports the top brands across Middle East regions. Our association with renowned companies has earned us a great opportunity in the UAE & African markets.

In digital textile printing, we offer you the best printers based on the ink pattern and fabric quality. Our products will suit every business requirement. We meet customer expectations without any hassle.

We are the best textile printer supplier in Dubai UAE. Also, we export to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

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