Eco Solvent printers

MUTOH XpertJet 1641SR Pro Eco-Solvent printer producing high-quality prints.
MUTOH XpertJet 1682SR Pro Eco-Solvent Printer with staggered dual AccuFine HD printheads for ultra-fast print speeds.
Mutoh – XpertJet 1641SR Pro

Known as The Wrapper’s Choice! The MUTOH XpertJet 1641SR Pro 64” Eco-Solvent single head, 4-color (CMYK) printer, builds upon MUTOH’s made in Japan reputation and delivers superior print quality and outstanding speeds at an affordable price.

Mutoh – XpertJet 1682SR Pro

The MUTOH XpertJet 1682SR Pro 64-inch Eco-Solvent Printer is equipped with staggered dual AccuFine HD printheads that provide ultra-fast print speeds.

Vibrant and Sustainable: Discover Eco Solvent Printers

With technological advancements, there is no denying that the printing landscape has evolved. It is time to say goodbye to traditional printers for your business needs. Eco solvent printers have emerged as an innovative solution, delivering exceptional print quality. For those who are seeking unmatched outputs, an eco solvent large format printer is the best choice for businesses and individuals.

Some of its best features include a gamut of colours coupled with ink durability, instant dry time, an easy refilling mechanism, and less maintenance. The usage of biodegradable solvents and their odourless effect also add value to printing cartridges that prevent components from damage or deteriorating effects. Unlike other printers, eco solvent printers in Dubai UAE don’t require regular clean-up.

How do Eco Solvent Printers Support Your Business?

From the business perspective, it is considered as the best tool to make a profit as it involves a highly competitive input cost associated with reliability, best quality, and many more. All these factors are certain to assure a good profit.
Specially designed for signage work, Eco-solvent printers are restricted to certain materials as they involve heat to a larger extent compared to other printers. It is best suited for medium-sized prints as well.

Key Applications of Eco Solvent Printers

Eco solvent printers are ideal for delivering wallpaper, canvas, fabric signage, backlit display, floor stands, hoardings, vehicle wraps, outdoor and drop-down banners, and many more.
The nature of prints determines the ink. The eco solvent ink’s price is on the higher side compared to other solvents for its benefits. Still, it is widely preferred among startups with medium and small-sized printing requirements.
Eco solvents are designed by inkjet printing technology. It is used on wide and short format printings. Its water and damage resistance features provide assured support for a minimum of 3 years.

Top Benefits of Eco Solvents Over Solvent Inks

Eco-solvent inks are made of refined mineral oil and have relatively low VOC contents compared to full solvent inks that are made of pigment and resin.
VOC is also known as Volatile Organic Compounds, which give a lingering smell over materials that is highly unsuitable for indoor signage and other prints used indoors. These will have ill effects on people’s health.

Eco-solvents, on the other hand, are meant for indoor prints. It can also be used for outdoor standees and other printings, but the life span of the print will differ compared to solvent inks.

Why Choose Monotech?

Our range of eco solvent printers serves a variety of industries in their products and requirements. Each of our products has innumerable features best suited for the nature of every business.

Monotech is a leading eco solvent printer supplier in UAE and our quality services extend to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain & Umm Al Quwain. We have strong footage of the UAE & African Markets and have a stand-by team at your command to serve on time.

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