JWEI – CB03II-1113 Carton Box Cutting Machine

JWEI – CB03II-1113 Carton Box Cutting Machine
Brand: JWEI
Type: Cutting machine
Factory: Zhejiang,China
JWEI CB03II-1113 Carton Box Cutting Machine creates the choice for many printing and packaging enterprises to boost their market competitiveness by intelligent production and decreasing much cost.CB03II-1113 Carton Box Cutting Machine is integrated into the decades of JWEI experience in printing and packaging industry, and grows lots of successful packaging cases.


  • Standard configuration of 18000RPM oscillating knife

Carton Box Cutting Machine is equipped with the high-fre- quency oscillating knife tool the frequency of oscillating of oscillating knife tool is up to 18000RPM so that it is easy to Cal with a variety of harder and thicker materials including PP plate sheet X7 board PVC sheet. corrugated board honey-

  • High-speed motion system

JWB independently designed the high-end six-control system that ensures accurate move head and makes curve movement smoother.

  • Upgraded the independent control platform
    the interface is user-friendly that is faster and easier to set varuus cutting parameters besides, there is more space for storage and provides PC installation space (PC excluded)
  • Firstly used aerospace honeycomb aluminum plate

JWEI is the first one to use the anrespace hum num plats in the industry which makes the machines stranger and more stable and the indentation affect is better because of the parous PVC work table.

  • The Ethernet transport port

Data transmission is flexible and stable, remste upgrade and maintenance are available, realizing the control of machines and access to files in the LAN

  • Powerful vacuum suction module

Material is firmly lined on the fable via the pow Suction pump module. processing personalized product easily through the movement control system

  • Safety protection

The sensitive infrared grating design in the safety and anti-collision device ensures the safety of the operators and The normal operation of the machine.

  • Accurate positioning module

The positioning system of carton box cutting nasi k printing products to cut quickly and accurately through the CCD camera and Infrared ray positioning