JWEI – CB03II Flatbed Digital Cutter

JWEI – CB03II Flatbed Digital Cutter
Brand: JWEI
Type: Cutting machine
Factory: Zhejiang,China

JWEI CB03II series flatbed digital cutter cutting solution is systematically geared towards fully automated digital production workflows in packaging industry and advertising industry for further diversification, a great number of users are well equipped to tackle the challenges of demanding manufacturing processes by using CB03II series flatbed digital cutter.



  • The modularity of machine head

A multi-functional machine head of JWEI CB0311 series cutting solution is the key to versatility offers a combination of functionality including engraving and router, oscillating through cutting, kiss cutting, creasing, laser positioning, and so on.

  • Fully automate workflow

Automatic feeding and collecting system demonstrate how smart and fast JWEI CB0311 series flatbed digital cutter can be, and to create an unattended continuous work scene.

  • Upgraded performance

More upgraded features such as machine table, vacuum suction, integrated cable layout, one-whole head guard etc. have been added to JWEI CB0311 series cutting solution to guarantee best-in-class cutting experience.

  • CCD precise positioning

It makes packaging simplified with CCD precise positioning function integrated positioning and task classification that solves manual classification and recognition, to deliver greater cutting precision, especially for small shapes like small circle.