JWEI CB08II Flatbed Digital Cutter

JWEI CB08II: Advanced flatbed digital cutter designed for precision cutting.

JWEI CB08II Flatbed Digital Cutter
Brand: JWEI
Type: Cutting machine
Factory: Zhejiang,China
Based on the needs of customers in Europe and America,JWEI created CB08II series high-end industrial grade flatbed digital cutter, of which performance, stability, function are of export quality, and is comparable to the top brand and other international brands.


  • Customizable structure

Providing splicing customizable machine size creating the perfect combination of technology and utility

  • Speed increased significantly

Arc speed increased by more than 45%, and the overall performance promoted by 35%

  • Precision upgraded

The effect of processing small circle(<3mm) is excellent in addition to the perfect cut of the general image

  • Replacing tools intelligently

It is simple, convenient and fast to replace the tool for the CB0811 series system. completely abandoning the complex mode of tool-replaced

  • Control system upgraded

Creating world-class quality of JWEI by fully upgrading the core components of the controller and motion mechanism to the quality of international famous brands.

  • Adsorption performance upgraded

The adsorption performance is increased by 50% after thickening the honeycomb aluminum plate, and optimizing the airduct structure.

  • Previewing cutting path

Getting a faster way to response to customer needs through previewing cutting path. estimating the processing time. quickly generating the quoted price.

  • IOT cloud platform

JWEI developed independently Internet of Things platform specialized designed for integrated intelligent manufacturing

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