JWEI – Scutter TB09-2516-RM Digital flatbed cutter

JWEI Scutter TB09-2516-RM: Digital flatbed cutter designed for precision cutting.

JWEI – Scutter TB09-2516-RM Digital flatbed cutter
Brand: JWEI
Type: Cutting machine
Factory: Zhejiang,China
As an undisputed industry leader and innovator in advertisement cutting market, JWEI invented high-end digital flatbed cutter SCUTTER that provides reliable support for heavy industrial production and illustrates the powerful potentiality for cutting optimization in special applications.


  • Superior speed

Equipped with the international advanced high-performance motion controller, of which serial processing speed of code entry is almost 10-15 times than other controller. SCUTTER delivers higher production capability at an acceleration of 26, designed to create the best cutter in advertisement cutting market.

  • Superior precision

Latest cutting-edge techniques are used for the excellent SCUTTER workflow that yields superior precision up to O1mm of processing small circle, and it supports excellent-accuracy CNC cutting thanks to the high precision reducer of the arcminutes.

  • Superior hardness

The difficulty in cutting complicated materials has been removed absolutely by SCUTTER designed with three heads structure, which offers the solution most suited to handle high-density, high-precision, high-quality and shape complex materials applied crafts of double V-cut, wonderful relief craving etc.

  • Superior software system

software upgrades beyond previous generation included industrial MES system, abundant materials library and QR auto position functions that allow to simplify workflow and lean production meaningfully.

  • Nine sets of servo drivers

SCUTTER lead to increased overall productivity with maximizing performance using 9 sets of synchronous servo drivers.

  • EtherCAT technology

Having an amazing refresh cycle of 30ps in the thousand-bit distributed 1/0 data update item sets the correct expectation in superior speed of SCUTTER after installing the motion control system of international EtherCAT bus technology

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