JWEI – TB08II-3121-PM digital cutting tables​

JWEI: Cutting machines crafted for precision and efficiency at Zhejiang, China factory.

JWEI – TB08II-3121-PM digital cutting tables
Brand: JWEI
Type: Cutting machine
Factory: Zhejiang,China
JWEI TB08II series digital cutting tables play an important role in helping customers trimming their production to be efficient and set the bar for consistency, optimal cutting effect of finished product in advertising industry


  • Modularized machine head

Multi-functional machine head holds up to 3 sets of tools simultaneously to be speedy on process to show the versatility of JWEI TB0811 series flatbed digital cutter

  • Long service time

Equipped with carbon fiber reinforces gantry which is reliable and stable, TB0811 series flatbed digital cutters enable high-intensity industrial production handling

  • Powerful JWCS

control software
JWES control software with friendly interface and powerful editing and optimizing functions offers the easiest way to lean production

  • Automatic tools

Providing for optional a robust set of automatic and high-power tools for routing, trimming, cutting to massively  streamline production workflow

  • Separate vacuum suction

Materials are fixed firmly through separate vacuum s with maximum suction generated.

  • Industrial frame

Frame using industrial aluminum alloy profiles rigidness of base, which is easy for shipping or assembling.

  • Intelligent partition system

According to different size materials the partition suction is set to make the material fixed tightly on the table and the cutting more precise

  • Independent operating platform

More comprehensive functionality and more line with operating requirements

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