Lami – Revo-Office

Lami Revo-Office: Fully automatic laminator designed for office efficiency.

Lami – Revo-Office
Fully Automatic Laminator
The Revo Office is a brand new development by Lami Corporation of Japan. Designed to automate the encapsulation process. Perfect for Councils, Corporate Offices, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Garden Centres & Training Companies to name a few.


  • Full-Auto Operated Laminator
    Revo-Office is an economical fully automatic laminator.
    It can do everything in the laminating process automatically, from feeding papers to cutting.
  • Easy Film Setting

Compared to regular automatic laminator, film setting of Revo-Office is extremely EASY!

  • Easy Inside Cleaning

Possible to easily clean the inside by using the “Cover-Open Function”.


Max. laminating width
Max.Substrate thickness
Max. speed
Laminating temperature
Power requirement / consumption
External dimensions[W×D×H](mm)
Warm-up time
Size of paper used

50 / 80 / 100 / 125μ(exclusive film)
1.0m/min (Fixed)
100℃(Variable type)
【UL】 AC120V / 1,200W 【CE】 AC230V / 1,150W
【UL】Vertical: Ledger, Legal, Letter Horizontal : Letter
【CE】VerticalA3, A4, B4, A5 Horizontal : A4, B5


The Revo-Office’s user-friendly design makes it perfect for schools and corporate offices, allowing anyone to load their sheets, press the Start button and walk away as the Revo-Office automatically feeds, laminates and cuts their job at a speed of up to 240 sheets per hour–without any waste!


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