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Colorjet Vulcan - The Advantages Of Multi-Layer Printing

ColorJet Verve Hybrid enables superspeed production at upto 48sqm/hr. Even at highest quality 1440dpi print setting, ColorJet Verve delivers 24sqm/hr – much faster than many other lower-print resolution flatbed UV printers. ColorJet Verve Hybrid is engineered for high-endurance build and low running costs to deliver quality printing year after year. ColorJet Verve Hybrid hugely enlarges capabilities and print business possibilities towards high growth and higher return on investment. Best of all world- versatile high speed flatbed cum flexible quality roll-to-roll printer. Print on substrates like ACP, foam, board, flute board, glass, ceramic tiles, and even wood; and on a wide range of vinyls and flexible media. Large 3.1m x 1.6m flatbed and 2.4m wide roll makes ColorJet Verve Hybrid highly productive and versatile.


Precisely engineered using 3D CNC Machinery Intelligent Media Thickness System Anti-Crash Sensor Advanced RIP for faster processing & better color management Fully customised printer settings for enhanced print result. Industrial grade jetting assembly. Consistent print quality through the life of printhead System designed to use white ink ad additional color Adjustment UV lamp power enables better drying control. Vacuum system can be adjusted in four zones. Specially formulated inks with wider color gamut & higher density.



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AURAJET-D SERIES II is a max versatility dye-sublimation printer for the widest application and maximum business. It is a high-Speed New Gen sublimation printing machine for fashion apparel, sports apparel, sports gear, soft signage, custom clothing, personalized merchandise, bed sheets, backdrops, home furnishings, hard surface work, etc.

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