In printing technology, there is a process called lamination that is done by machines or devices called laminators. These machines apply a thin layer of protective material onto printed materials. The prime purpose is to improve appearance, enhance durability, and provide resistance to wear and tear.

LAMI Revo Series

[NEW] Lami Revo-Flex: Fully automatic laminator featuring 4-side trim function.
Lami Revo-T14: High-speed, high-quality fully automatic laminator.
Lami Revo-Office: Fully automatic laminator designed for office efficiency.
[NEW] Revo-Any: Compact fully automatic laminator for versatile applications.
Lami – Revo-Flex

[ NEW ] Fully Automatic Laminator with 4 Side Trim Function

Lami – Revo-T14

High-Speed, High-Quality Fully Automatic Laminator

Lami – Revo-Office

Fully Automatic Laminator


[ NEW ] Compact Fully Automatic Laminator

LAMI Cold Series

Lami Azalea1600CL: Space-saving design with 1,600mm width laminating capability.
Lami – Azalea1600CL
Lami Camellia1600CL: Multi-functional cold laminator with 1,600mm laminating capability.
Lami – Camellia1600CL

Allows 1,600mm width laminating despite its space-saving design.

Multi-functional cold laminator that allows 1,600mm laminating.

LAMI Hot Series

Lami IRIS-29LK: Effortless hot-lamination with simple operation.
Lami – IRIS-29LK

Easy Hot-Lamination with Simple Operation.

From Documents to Displays: Laminators in the Modern Printing Era
The main objective of laminators is to play an important role by adding a protective layer to printed materials. Depending on your printing project, you need to choose the laminator and film type. Laminators are used for various printed materials, including posters, banners, menus, educational materials, maps, ID cards, business cards, and more.

Beyond Prints: Exploring Diverse Applications of Lamination Technology
Laminators are used in various industries and applications, including printing and publishing, packaging, signage, education, and more. They are generally equipped to protect printed materials from moisture, UV rays, stains, and other environmental factors.
The applications also include menus and restaurant displays to maintain a professional image, business cards to make a lasting impression on clients, retail displays, and packaging materials for added protection to labels, product information, and other printed elements. These applications exhibit the versatility of laminators in enhancing the longevity and functionality of a wide range of printed materials across different industries.

Top Benefits of Lamination
• Protective layer for enhanced durability to prevent damage to printed materials.
• Enhances the appearance of printed materials with gloss or matte finishes.
• Users can customize the appearance of their laminated materials without any hassle.
• Easy to clean because they are stain and moisture-resistant.
• Protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays to prevent fading and discoloration of printed materials when exposed to sunlight.
• Protects and preserves important documents, such as certificates, licenses, and legal papers, ensuring they remain in good condition over time.
• Adds security features to documents, such as holographic overlays or embedded security elements, to deter tampering and counterfeiting.

Protect, Enhance, Repeat: The Magic of Lamination in Printing
Monotech provides a closer look at advanced printing solutions including laminators because they are sealed for success. There are different types of laminators that can be used depending on the specific requirements of your printing project. They are used in various industries and applications. If you are seeking ways to elevate your print game, connect with Monotech for cost-effective laminators that provide a lasting impact.


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